Are Kentucky Farmers Safe? Two Harassed By State/Federal Agencies!

Are Kentucky farmers safe? On the surface it seems so. As Farmageddon continues across the country, Kentucky farmers seem to be left alone. “No news here, folks, move along.” Except for the two cases we just heard about, described below. Kentucky Legislators for Kentucky Farmers Kentucky is currently in a sweet spot as far as legislators go. Ag Commish Jamie Comer is fair-minded and pro-small farmer, instead of just pro-Big Ag. He supports raw milk and thinks the law against it is silly. He told my friend, . . . → Read More

U.S. Congress to Screen Farmaggedon

Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms vividly conveys the stories of numerous farmers who found themselves on the wrong side of government food policy. It is hard to imagine our government using S.W.A.T. raids to deal with misdemeanors, nor is it easy to fathom agents of the law seizing valuable farm products and equipment, particularly in cases where there is no proof of harm. This movie enables audiences all across America to come face to face with harsh realities of farm life in our modern day.

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Farm + Armageddon = the film, Farmageddon

Farmageddon is a documentary about the FDA and USDA’s relentless attacks on small farms and farmers. The filmmakers refer to this phenomenon as “the unseen war on small family farms across America.” We do, too. Susie at ( is the Minnesota sister site to our — looking for one in every state!) wrote a press release for their screenings back in October and describes it beautifully: Farm

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Raw Milk Freedom Riders Ride Again

Some mothers take their role as parents very seriously, and their focus on local, nutrient-dense foods has been growing in popularity . They invest hours of time preparing special allergy-friendly meals for their children, labor tirelessly growing and preserving their own foods every season, and they diligently seek out foods with the most nutritional value for their families, an ancient practice that lingers still today. That’s exactly what the first Raw Milk Freedom Ride on November 1st to FDA headquarters was about: Moms who want access to foods they believe

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Farm Raid: Farm to Fork Dinner

Photo: Monte speaking to over 100 of his “Farm to Fork” guests–some of whom drove from as far as away as 600 miles to be at the dinner–to report that the Southern Nevada Health Inspector Mary Cox had just thrown out the organic meats Chef Gio had prepared for guests. Laura stands by his side. Friday night, October 21, 2011, Quail Hollow Farm, a Nevada CSA with devoted customers and interns, was

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